We conduct recruitment of foreign skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, unskilled workers and general workers from India, China, Bangladesh & other Asian Countries.

We provide all services related to Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass & other MOM related Passes.


Value-Added Services:-

1) Interview

Conduct direct, video-conferencing and overseas interviews (min 10 PAX)

2) Documentation

Application, Renewal, Cancellation and Collection of MOM related Passes through MOM’s online services.

Arranging of mandatory medical check-up as well as help you to purchase the necessary Security Bond.

3) Transport

Arranging of air-tickets to bring in the workers, from their place of origin.

Receiving them at the airport and transporting them to their living quarters.

4) Accommodation

Assisting in sourcing of accommodation for the candidates.

5) Workers Orientation

Conduct a social orientation course for the workers upon their arrival.

6) Bank Accounts

Opening bank accounts for the candidates according to your company needs.

7) Repatriation of Workers (Before the expiry of the 2 years contract of Employment)

Assisting in all the necessary arrangements and escorting the workers to the airport.

8) Maintenance & Inspection of Worker’s Quarters

Assisting company to check on the cleanliness & well being of workers at their quarters on a regular basis.


Why Us?

  • We guarantee there will be the no problem with any worker related issues.
  • We serve you with utmost honor and be there for you 24/7.
  • We have dedicated personnel to serve you at your needs.
  • We do not charge any fee.