Permanent Staffing

Through our permanent staffing divisions, we are able to focus on the recruitment of talents for any industry and field of work. Personnel we target range from entry to mid-management level. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation for excellence within each market served, operating with absolute discretion, integrity and care and are experts in identifying the highest calibre people for permanent positions. Getting it right really matters and we are committed to perfection in all that we do.

Contract Staffing

For assignments or project works that require a specific period of commitment or when headcounts are of a business concern, Allians Int’l Recruiters can provide monthly-rated personnel on a contract basis. For contract staffing, we will oversee the recruitment, administrative and logistic requirements for the duration of the contract terms. Contract staff comes under the payroll of Allians Int’l Recruiters; thus saving clients considerable inconveniences, effort, time and money. Whether you are facing an increased workload, a headcount freeze or undertaking a large-scale project, we have all the answers to your staffing needs.

Temporary Staffing and ‘Casual Workers’

Temporary staffing is also flexible staffing and the personnel can be on monthly-rated or hourly-rated. They come in handy when you need them to cope with events / projects, peak season work and help control cost during low periods; provide cover for permanent staff on short or long leave periods. It is particularly useful when you have a headcount constraint yet have to get the work done.

Payroll Processing Service

Our Payroll Processing Service can take care of all aspects of your Payroll function. Our system caters also to electronic Leave and Claims management and administration.

Our value-added Payroll services will give you:

  • Reduced reliance on your payroll personnel that is here today and gone tomorrow
  • Time and cost savings on training and re-training
  • Peace of mind from the very confidential nature of information handled
  • Elimination of human error due to miscalculations and misspellings


Why Us?

  • We guarantee there will be the no problem with any employment related issues.
  • We serve you with utmost honor and be there for you 24/7.
  • We have dedicated personnel’s to serve you at your needs.
  • We do not charge any hefty fee. Our charges are competitive in the industry.
  • We do not sacrifice quality to quantity.